How did you render that again?

The question that seems to be of more importance somehow

After reading Amy Frearson’s “We banned renders” from the design process says, Tatiana Bilbao”, I remembered how renders were dealt with while I was still at school.

A rendered image is the polished final visualization of a design project. It emphasizes the design and its features. It expresses visually your design concept and proposal.

At school, however, as students, we treated renders differently. We always thought that the person with the highly defined renders is the one with the best design. But, that is incorrect. Render is only one of the methods to present our work and is not the work itself. An abstract sketch with bizarre scribbles or a rough model has the same function as a render has.

When a jury used to come up, some students fell under pressure and requested outside services to do their renders. Professors, however, were able to figure it out during the critics. They know when a student has done a render on their own and when they didn’t. We students seem to have a certain quality in our works that always speaks of us.

This quality of ours speaks of our capabilities. Moreover, it echoes the first-hand creativity that should not be looked down upon, especially by us.

For some reason, I truly cherish this student-like quality which gives much-needed room for self-expression and creative abilities. If we only believe enough in our rendering abilities no matter how minimal they are, we can do wonders.

Combining renders with people and objects cut-outs in a collage-like impression would speak of your design language and of your personality. It would be way personable to do that rather than accustom to the realistic rendering method. I’m not against the realistic style but I believe that this way should not be repeatedly utilized.

You are free to experiment while you can as a student.

You shouldn’t hurry up yourself and conform to the rendering methods demanded by the industry. Have your pick with the render styles! Create your own even! You are not restricted to one way or another.

That’s why I pointedly referred to Tatiana Bilbao’s method at work. I wanted to present a successful example of unique presentation methods. Bilbao has unorthodox techniques and was able to adjust her team to that. She also convinced her clients to accept it.

Nothing should prevent you from doing what suits you best.

Need more proof? Check the image below, it’s voted as one of the best portfolios works by ArchDaily.

Best Wishes!

By Wilmer Coronado Castillo from The Best Architecture Portfolio Designs ArchDaily




My life motto is "More enjoyable once simpler". I share my ideas, stories, and inklings about architecture, students’ life and other stuff. ~ Hajar Elassi

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The Introvert Architect

The Introvert Architect

My life motto is "More enjoyable once simpler". I share my ideas, stories, and inklings about architecture, students’ life and other stuff. ~ Hajar Elassi

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